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Exercise Creates Lower Stress Levels

Whether you are getting out for a walk these days or doing an online workout, exercise is more important now than ever. The mental benefits of exercise are undeniable. Studies show that exercise reduces stress and pain, while improving memory and other cognitive functions. According to the experts, the link between exercise and mood is real. Usually within 5 minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood enhancement effect.

At Tru Barre Studio, we are currently offering barre classes available on our website. To access our library of online classes, just create an account and purchase a package. You can try classes from the comfort of your own home and build your strength and endurance. Once we are open for business in studio, come see us! We love brining barre to this wonderful community in Medina.

4 Ways A Tru Barre Class Improves Your Inner Strengths:

  • Requires focus and attention: Barre workouts demand a high level or concentration and attention to detail that ultimately strengthens your mental muscles as much as your physical body. This kind go focus clears your mind and prepares you for the many facets you will face in your day, week, month and year!

  • Improves trust: You learn to let go of control and trust your instructor. In the beginning the workout is unfamiliar to us. It becomes important to allow yourself to be guided by the instructor and supported by your fellow students. During the workout, you will have many choices to be successful and make barre your own.

  • Releases your potential: Taking barre class will ignite the fire inside of you. It is a strong force and was created to rekindle itself under pressure. The moments of challenge offered to you in class reinforce your mental and physical core, making you more prepared to conquer whatever you set your mind to.

  • Builds confidence: When you start to see the changes in your body from a consistent practice, you feel good about yourself and your capabilities. This carries into other aspects of your life: you realize you are authorized to initiate change; with that comes great confidence and liberty. Your body gets stronger as your inner body feels more empowered and invincible.

We invite you to visit our website,, and take an on-line class.

We can’t wait to meet you soon! Please follow us on social media, visit our website or call for hours of operation and questions at (330) 607 1272

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