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Hello Barre Babes!

Looking to keep your teenage daughter active this summer? Bring your daughter to a class and have a fun day at the barre and start her on her fitness journey for life! Teaching a young adult the importance of movement and its impact on our overall health and wellbeing is more important now than ever. Barre uses movement as a form of meditation. We focus so deeply on our bodies and the sensations that we create during class, there is no room for other thoughts. This is the essence of mediation. Learning this personal skill early has long term health benefits.

Barre is such a great way for young girls to build body confidence. Learning to have great posture at a young age will help them grow with grace and poise. Becoming strong physically helps women of all ages find the mental strength to preserve when times get tough. Barre transcends into so many aspects of our lives.

Introducing a way to work out without risk of injury at an early age, will benefit your daughter to stay active, to continue to build strength each year she ages and to make mindful choices about her diet and nutrition. 

Imagine what it would have been like to have discovered barre at an early age! If she is a budding barre babe after the class, take advantage of our Student Package - $50 for unlimited classes each month!

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